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Front sheepskin Boots-VEREDUS CARBON GEL VENTO

Front sheepskin Boots-VEREDUS CARBON GEL VENTO

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Double ventilation tendon gaiter in techno sheepskin.

Save the Sheep, the new techno sheepskin line, is cruelty free. The lining is a synthetic fabric free of any animal derivatives. Techno sheepskin offers many advantages:

• it washes easily and dries quickly, whereas real lamb requires significant and long maintenance;
• trapped sand easily escapes from the wide, flexible knit, thus minimizing the risk of leg abrasion;
• it is more comfortable and cosier than natural lambskin;
• it remains beautiful for longer, whereas real lambskin tends to dry out, stiffen and turn yellow.

Sizing Guideline

To choose the correct size, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the front cannon bone. Take a measuring tape and wrap it loosely around the middle of the cannon bone to take the measurement.

Front cannon bone circumference
Small 17 cm - 20 cm (6.5 to 9 inches)
Medium 20 cm - 23 cm (9 to 10 inches)
Large Over 23 cm (over 10 inches)

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