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Helite airjacket airbag cross-country

Helite airjacket airbag cross-country

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The Air Jacket is an attached equestrian air vest that connects directly to the saddle via the saddle girth. This airbag vest is ideal for pilots wishing to combine comfort and optimal protection. Thanks to the 3 adjustable straps, it fits comfortably on all clothes.

The Air Jacket equestrian pneumatic vest offers a large volume of protection to ensure your safety. In addition, it is equipped with a ready-to-use and reusable mechanical system. With its ultra-fast inflation of 100 ms, the Air Jacket air vest ensures optimal protection of these vital areas before impact:

• Neck
• Cervical
• Back
• Basin
• Sacrum
• Chest

The Air Jacket equestrian airbag vest allows riders to move freely and comfortably without restriction. The breathable fabric and design give the air vest good air circulation, even in high-level sports. The shape of the airbag offers a large volume of protection for optimal pressure and effectively absorbs shocks.

The original design of the Air Jacket was designed for eventing, but it will protect in any discipline!

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