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Rear gaiters for young horses| VEREDUS Young-jump

Rear gaiters for young horses| VEREDUS Young-jump

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Fetlock guard whose dimensions and weights comply with the International Regulations for “Young Horse” categories. Features Save the Sheep, a cruelty-free techno sheepskin. a synthetic fabric, free of any animal derivative.

Impact resistant anatomically shaped polyurethane shell
Dual ventilation
Double security velcro closure

Sizing Guideline

To choose the correct size, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the front cannon bone. Take a measuring tape and wrap it loosely around the middle of the cannon bone to take the measurement.

If you are purchasing rear leg protection, the measurement is normally taken on the front leg. It is indeed very rare that between the front and rear legs there is such a difference that boots of different sizes are required.

Many people think that the protection should cover the entire deep flexor tendon down to the carpus (the knee). Not only is the part of the tendon most exposed to trauma the lowest, but too much protection would only hinder the tendon during flexion, particularly when jumping.

Small 17 cm - 20 cm (6.5 to 9 inches)
Medium 20 cm - 23 cm (9 to 10 inches)
Wide Over 23 cm (over 10 inches)

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