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Rear boot with liner - Equifit MULTITEQ™

Rear boot with liner - Equifit MULTITEQ™

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Built for the long haul. Your boot companion whatever the day brings. Full coverage protection from daily wrinkles to turnover. With extended hind coverage for added fetlock and pastern protection.

The Technical Stuff:

  • Featuring a virtually indestructible EverLeather™ shell that is scratch, tear and puncture resistant.
  • Rigid strike zone protects from hind end interference and offers the most comprehensive protection available on the market.
  • Optional sewn-in ImpacTeq™ liners or SheepsWool™ liners.
    • ImpacTeq liners form a protective shield upon impact. They conform to the leg for support and absorb extreme concussion and impact. They're antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry.
    • SheepsWool liners naturally promote breathability, moving excess heat away from the leg, are hypoallergenic and naturally water and odor resistant.
  • Features two 1.25" wide StretchTeq straps, double reinforced for safety and a customized fit.
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