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-Equifit Essential® BitTape™ Tape

-Equifit Essential® BitTape™ Tape

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A discreet and comfortable silicone cover to prevent pinching and create a soft sensation that horses love. Essential BitTape is a new take on a long-trusted training aid.

Versatile and easy to use
Designed for multiple uses depending on application and tip style
Padded comfort
Softens the bit for sensitive horses
Alternative to bit guards
Helps prevent pinching
Tip repair assistance
Creates a smooth surface on chewed pieces
Easy to use
Cut to your preferred length
Secure storage
Resealable plastic bag protects against dirt, air and moisture.
Regular and wide size options
Standard size is 1" (2.5 cm) L x 120" (304.8 cm) L, large size is 2" (5.08 cm) L x 48" (121.9 cm) L.


Start with a clean, dry work area to ensure good adhesion.
Cut the desired length from BitTape. The average bit takes approx. 6-12", but this may vary depending on application or tip size.
Gently pre-stretch the BitTape material.
Place the starting edge on the front of the bit to avoid creating a bump against the horse's tongue.
Overlap the BitTape approx. 50% on itself as packaging.
Once wrapped, press the material firmly to ensure good adhesion.
If you see signs of wear or if BitTape begins to loosen, cut it, throw it away, and rewrap it with new material.
Tips & Tricks

Take your time! Once BitTape joins, you will no longer be able to unpack or reuse the material.
For best results, apply the minimum number of coats required (overwrapping may reduce durability).
Do not leave horses unattended with a wrapped bit in their mouth for an extended period of time.
BitTape will typically last several rides, depending on the effectiveness of application, number of layers applied, bit style, amount of chewing the horse and other factors.
other information

Intended for single-use application.
Store the unused portion of the BitTape roll in its sealed bag to protect it from dirt, air and moisture.
Check with your competitive organization(s) before use during competition
Materials: 85% - 95% methyl vinyl silicone (silicone rubber compound) and 5 - 15% proprietary additives.
Not hazardous according to OSHA or WHMIS criteria.
Complies with FDA §177.2600, 21 CFR “Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use.”
BitTape has not been evaluated for long-term use with horses.

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