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Ecolicious MOISTURE MANIAC Mane &Tail Detangling Infusion

Ecolicious MOISTURE MANIAC Mane &Tail Detangling Infusion

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If a spray detangler is part of your grooming routine, you need to try our EcoLicious Moisture Maniac Detangling Infusion.

It contains 100% natural and organic ingredients that condition and detangle your horse's mane and tail without drying it out with suffocating silicones.

Panthenol and silk powder derived from pure silkworm cocoon help restore natural luminosity, retain moisture and nourish your horse's mane and tail.

Certified organic hemp oil and banana extract soften and smooth while protecting fragile hair against breakage. The revitalizing properties of silk powder, sunflower extract and panthenol enhance the color of the coat.

The combination of tea tree essential oil, known to promote skin health, and sweet orange essential oil
Sweet orange essential oil, with its delicious and cheerful scent, makes it smell like summer vacations and fun in the sun any time of year. #aromatherapy

And like all of our products, it's made with human-grade ingredients, because we only believe in the best for you and your horse.

#100%natural #paraben-free #artificialfragrance-free #silicone #phthalate-free #GMO-free #cruelty-free


Shake well before use. Spray your horse's mane and tail from all angles. Pick up any tangles with your fingers and comb gently. Always start at the bottom and work your way up along the hair. Soak the most stubborn knots.

Packaged in 100% recycled plastic.

472 ml (16 FL OZ)

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