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Ecolicious GLAMOROUS All Natural Face Highlighter

Ecolicious GLAMOROUS All Natural Face Highlighter

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Let our facial highlighter increase your horse's sex appeal with this glamorous and dramatic look.

Our delicious, all-natural formula will instantly transform your horse from pretty to celebrity lookalike. Made with natural products like beeswax and certified organic hemp oil, it not only makes your horse look great, it hydrates and conditions at the same time! A touch of reflective mineral Mica imparts a subtle shine for a guaranteed glamorous look.

The combination of tea tree essential oil, known to promote healthy skin, and sweet orange essential oil provides a touch of delicious fragrance. #aromatherapy

And like all of our products, it's made with human-grade ingredients because we believe only in the best for you and your horse.


Spread a small amount on your hands and rub onto your horse's muzzle and eye area. To create maximum drama, rehearse as desired. To lighten white marks on the face, apply and leave in Blinded by White Total Body Whitening Treatment.

#100%natural #paraben-free #SLSsans #artificialfragrancefree #siliconefree #phthalatefree #GMOfree #crueltyfree

Packaged in 100% recycled plastic.

236 ml (8FL OZ)

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